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The Hanging House of Chester

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I s it possible for a house to curse the people who live in it? Some say this is exactly what happened a few miles from Chester in Delaware County.

Although long gone, the house in question was at various times the home of three men hanged for murder - and is well associated with a fourth.

Edward Williams was born in the house, according to newspaper accounts. In November 1830 he was tried for the murder of his wife Sarah. On Friday, December 31st, he was publicly hanged for his crime.

George Pharoah, also born in the "Hanging House," killed school teacher Rachel Sharpless* in cold blood. He hid behind a tree and shot her in the back of the head as she unlocked the school house. His motive: he wanted her gold watch. The 19-year-old confessed to the crime and was hanged on August 29, 1851.

Andrew Ingram was born in the house but committed his crime in Illinois. He was hanged in that state on July 3, 1857 for "the murder of his wife last winter."

As far as Hauntingly PENNSYLVANIA™ can tell, Jabez Boyd was not born in the cursed house - but he was the uncle to the above George Pharoah who was. Boyd was charged with killing 14-year-old Wesley Patton. He was tried, found guilty, and hanged in the prison yard on November 21, 1845.

Could it be just a coincidence that these men, all born in or associated with the same house, committed murder and were executed for their crimes...? Perhaps. But what are the odds...? 💀

*NOTE: Rachel is not the only member of the Sharpless family to meet a violent end. The Killing of John Sharpless, by Hauntingly PENNSYLVANIA™ writer Stephanie Hoover, tells the story of the shocking 18th century murder of a respected Quaker, and the man accused of the crime.

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