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The Haunted House of Havertown

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T his great personal story was submitted to Hauntingly PENNSYLVANIA™ by one of our thousands of readers:

I grew up around the corner from [the former Hoffman house in Havertown, Delaware County.] Had two strange experiences. Once, was walking on the sidewalk [beside] the Hoffman backyard with my friend's daughter. We heard a child's voice coming from the yard...crying "help me! help me!" Ran like heck, because there was nobody there! Another time, years later, I was driving by the house and saw Mrs. Hoffman out front sweeping in the street. Waved to her, she waved back, I drove on... Found out later that day that she had died a day or two before. After this I decided to do a little research. According to an old newspaper account a woman had been murdered out in the orchard that had belonged to the Hoffman property. Also, supposedly a child had drowned in a small pond in the back yard. It would be interesting to investigate - especially since the property has been subdivided and two new houses were built on the side yard.

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