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Raystown Ray™ - A Monster Mash of Fact and Fiction

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B ack in 2010 the crew of the SyFy Channel show Paranormal: Fact or Faked visited Raystown Lake in Huntingdon County looking for evidence of a Nessie-like creature called Raystown Ray™. They concluded the supposed "sighting" was a hoax.

Likewise, Hauntingly PENNSYLVANIA™ spent hours scouring newspaper reports looking for anything mentioning a sea serpent in Raystown Lake. The first account we found was the 2006 story on which the Fact or Faked visit was based - a story easily debunked by that team of investigators.

To be fair, there are many accounts of a giant snake in this region of Pennsylvania but nothing about a monster in the lake - unless you mean a 3-foot carp or 38-inch lake trout.

Even more preposterous are the claims that this lake monster has been seen for hundreds of years. This is quite impossible since Raystown is a man-made lake and was only created in 1972.

Still, Hauntingly PENNSYLVANIA™ would love to know if any credible boaters, fisherman, or other visitors have seen anything unusual in Raystown Lake. If so, please contact us and Hauntingly PENNSYLVANIA™ will re-open its investigation. 💀

Interested in another Raystown Lake story? Read What the Aitch is Going On at Raystown Lake, about the supposed drowning of the town's citizens.

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