Generally Entertaining Pennsylvania Stories

Romer Troxell's murdered son Charlie helped him find his stolen car
and his killer.

Neighbors thought this Lancaster Country farmhouse was haunted.
Turns out the truth was much worse.

A Brief History of Halloween in Pennsylvania
When cabbbages ruled and candy didn't.

Pennsylvania's First and Only Witchcraft Trial
Presided over by William Penn himself.

Milton S. Hershey's Membership in the “Just Missed It” Club
Luckily for chocolate lovers, Hershey missed the boat.

Houdini and the Pittsburgh Medium
She challenged Houdini, but why...?

Adi-Kent Thomas Jeffrey
From Barnard grad to “Mistress of the Macabre”

North Side Spiritualist Pastor Promised to Return after Death
Is the Rev. Jos. A. Frey still waiting for the opportune time?

She Ain't Heavy... She's My Witch
Fulton County church banked on the word of God being heavier than a witch.

Superstitious Dauphin County Residents "Shun" Witch
Hard to believe that in the 1880s a normal, hardworking German woman named Mrs. Boyer would be accused of witchcraft but it happened.

Seven Witnesses Saw Charles F. Kenworthy the Day before He Died...
...but his family said he never left his death bed.

What do Jack the Ripper and Pennsylvania Have in Common?
Pennsylvania is tied to two of history's most prolific serial killers.

Pennsylvania's Irish Giant
Samuel Wilhelm hoped to profit from his size.

Horror Movies Filmed in Pennsylvania
From classics to modern hits, PA's a hot spot.

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