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It is against the editorial policy of Hauntingly PENNSYLVANIA™ to perpetuate inaccuracies - especially those leading to unwanted or illegal visitation of private properties. Therefore, when statements upon which stories of paranormal activity are based prove patently false, we will post these items here.

To be clear, tales of hauntings are arguably impossible to validate. Their back-stories, however - alleged murders and other ghastly incidents - are surprisingly easy to research if one takes the time and knows where to look.

Hauntingly PENNSYLVANIA™ thanks and respects truly professional paranormal researchers who make it their business to both investigate AND disprove Pennsylvania ghost stories.

Conversely, lazy researchers simply "copying and pasting" unsubstantiated stories from one web site to the next, or individuals knowingly reporting inaccuracies at the expense of private property owners may find themselves DeBUNKED!

DeBUNKED! The history of the notorious Mollie Maguires is real.
But... the ghostly "bloody hand-print"? Not so much.

DeBUNKED! What the Aitch is Happening in Raystown?
Army Corps of Engineers denies drowning town residents - and with good reason.

DeBUNKED! Egg Hill Church, Centre County
Not only is the Egg Hill Church and Cemetery haunting based on inaccuracies - it's causing unnecessary damage to an historic landmark.

DeBUNKED! Congelier Mansion
Rubbish research and repeated errors are the only scary things about this Pittsburgh ghost story.
Includes Exclusive Family Interview!

DeBUNKED! Raystown Ray™ - Don't believe it just because it's trademarked.
This story is a monster (of a fish tail).

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