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Pennsylvania Ghost Stories

Hauntingly PENNSYLVANIA™ Revisits the Smurl Haunting
What really went on in this West Pittston home?

Paoli's Headless Horseman
A respected doctor and local historian claimed to have seen him more than once.

From A Hauntingly PENNSYLVANIA™ Reader
The Haunted Hoffman House of Havertown

New Hope's Logan Inn is Said to Be Haunted by Three Generations of Ghosts
...and reports have been almost continuous since the 1980s.

Are “The Blue-Eyed Six” Haunting the Moonshine Church Cemetery?
Stories abound - but what's the truth?

Ghost of Juliette Peirce: Part of the Pike County Historical Society Collection?
Is the Columns Mansion the home of long-dead Juliette Peirce? You be the judge.

Greene County Historical Society
Where the Paranormal is Normal

Mysterious Lights of the Lackawanna Valley
Were lights witnessed by Archbald residents in the late 19th Century spirits - or simple science?

Did an Easton Man Prove Life after Death?
Fred Heller devoutly believed in the afterlife. Did he win the bet?

A Nurturing Ghost in Emmaus?
We present the story of Lillian with the permission of MaryAnn Miller, author of "Legends, Myths and Ghost Tales from Emmaus, PA.

Dead Berks County Man's Face Seen in Window
Widow and daughter of typhoid fever victim see his face in their home's window.

Poltergeist or Prank in Lebanon County?
Did the Seitzinger family manufacture the activity or was it real?

Jesse Harrison Bought the Farm...
but did he ever leave it...?

If the Haunting of this Philadelphia Laundry was a Prank...
... no one ever came clean.

Is This York County Log Cabin Haunted?
The Dover Paranormal Research Team graciously shared its investigation notes and collected evidence with Hauntingly PENNSYLVANIA™. Be prepared to be amazed.

DPRT Shares Another Case
Lancaster County's Columbia Market House & Dungeons

Ghost in the Graveyard
It was the only thing this Civil War soldier feared.

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