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Jesse Harrison Bought the Farm...
But Did He Ever Leave?

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F orty-five-year-old Jesse Harrison died on his farm in Jackson Township, Mercer County on February 27, 1890. He left a wife, two sons and a daughter.

The boys inherited the farm and - when both were of age - they were to share its proceeds 50/50. Minor daughter Elva May was to receive the proceeds of Jesse's life insurance policy when she turned eighteen. And widow Mary was to live on the farm where she would be cared for in perpetuity.

It seemed like a perfectly reasonable last will and testament except for one pesky detail: Jesse Harrison didn't seem to want to actually leave.

In May 1890, nearly three months after Jesse was buried, his family began experiencing strange phenomena. The table shuddered and bounced across the floor toward the corner of the dining room with no human assistance. Heavy footsteps fell on the stairs - but no one was walking on them. Mrs. Harrison and two neighbor ladies left the sitting room for a few moments and returned to find all of the contents of the fireplace mantel - clock, vases, photos - on the floor. Coal from the hod behind the stove transported itself around the kitchen, and stones regularly smacked against the house and barn walls - although no source was found by those who witnessed this.

Numerous visitors and investigators - including the widow's two brothers - experienced the odd activities, but none could offer an explanation. Only one neighbor, Mrs. Runkle, openly voiced what everyone was thinking: Jesse Harrison may have "bought the farm," but he never actually left it. 💀

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