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Greene County Historical Society:
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T he grounds on which the Greene County Historical Society sits have a colorful past. While a farm operated by the Rhinehart family, several relatives were killed in skirmishes with Native Americans. Until 1865 the building now housing the historical society museum functioned as a pauper farm - one against which many allegations of mistreatment were lodged. The Greene County Historical Society took occupation of the building in 1970 and over the years both visitors and staff have reported interesting experiences and strange encounters.

A former board member served as a volunteer in the museum's early years. One day, while at the back of the building, he heard a distinct and frightening moan seemingly coming from the basement. At first he assumed the noise was from an owl or some other logical source - but no such cause could be found. On another occasion, this same board member entered the museum's main hall to find people in 19th century dress meandering about the room, although no one was scheduled to be there - and certainly not in period costume.

Staff members have reported hearing voices, seeing shadow figures, and finding objects moved from their intended locations. A young intern working alone in the locked museum was so frightened by the sight of a man passing by the office door that when she fled she left all of the lights on. Another board member saw a young, red-haired boy in the agricultural barn and immediately knew he was not "human."

The museum's former administrator, while an intern, saw a figure in green fatigues in the library. This same administrator, while working in his office alone one evening, heard men's voices and what sounded like boxes being moved - but when he stepped out of his office to say hello to whomever was there he found the room empty.

In 2011 a group of visitors in town for a pilots' convention toured the museum. Outside of the Clothing Room a woman asked if anything odd ever happened at the facility. As the tour guide started to answer the lights flickered on and off as if on cue. In 2012 a group of visitors taking photos near the Military Room inadvertently captured the faint image of a nurse.

The inexplicable activities lead the board and staff of the Greene County Historical Society to request an investigation by the Western Pennsylvania Paranormal Hunters. EVPs and other evidence collected by the team led them to pronounce the museum "indeed haunted."

Still skeptical...? Why not visit the Greene County Historical Society and decide for yourself. Even if you don't meet a ghost, you're certain to enjoy learning about the area's rich heritage. 💀

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