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York County Cabin:

Local Investigators Claim Astounding Paranormal Activity

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Hauntingly PENNSYLVANIA™ enjoys many of the TV paranormal investigation teams. In fact, our publisher, Stephanie Hoover, appeared on Travel Channel's Dead Files. But, one question we always ask is this: why don't TV ghost hunters investigate a site where NO paranormal activity has been reported? Why do they assume that all spirits actively attempt to make themselves known...? Or is it just too risky to conduct such an investigation with a couple of million people watching? After all, it wouldn't do much good for the ratings if nothing happened.

Well, we're pleased to say that the Dover Paranormal Research Team in York County had the courage to buck the "let's go where everyone has gone before" trend - and the reported results of their investigations are quite amazing.

The DPRT case manager explains that although the owners of the York County log home in question have had no paranormal experiences while there, its age made it a site of interest to the team. Built in 1744, it originally sat along the Codorus Creek. In the 1970s the structure faced the threat of demolition so it was moved to a new spot in the county. The owners, quite reasonably, have asked that no further identifying details be offered, however, DPRT provided Hauntingly PENNSYLVANIA™ with a verified location.

After four investigations, DPRT is convinced that they not only made contact with something inside the home - they were able to capture a number of these interactions on both audio and video equipment.

To set the scene, the structure in question has a basement and three floors, all of which are "open" meaning no walls cut the line of sight. Standard staircases connect one floor to another. The investigators in the home included the case manager, lead investigator, and spiritual investigator.

DPRT believes that, during each investigation, they made contact with a man and a little girl. Several of what the case manager describes as "Class A EVPs" were captured including an incredibly clear sample caught on the second floor of the home. A voice seems to be whispering "Mary." The EVP was captured while the team descended to the first floor to take a break from the investigation.

An astonishing piece of video evidence was caught using what the team describes as a "mirror trap," a method which involves placing a mirror on one side of the room and a camera trained toward it from the opposite side of the room. Explains DPRT, "We believe we can capture anything walking between the camera and mirror as well as anything behind the camera, or anything that might be in the mirror since entities can use mirrors as a vortex or window to pass through our dimension." Indeed, captured footage seems to show someone - or something - appearing in the mirror.

At the end of each investigation DPRT makes it a point to tell whatever might be there to stay, and they say a thank you for any interactions caught. In this case, it appears that someone answered back. Hauntingly PENNSYLVANIA™ can clearly decipher a whispered "goodbye" at the very beginning of an EVP provided by the team, but we can't make out what is heard later in the clip.

To listen to EVPs or view videos, visit DPRT's YouTube channel at: https://www.youtube.com/user/drptmember.

Many thanks to the Dover Paranormal Research Team for sharing their case notes and evidence with our readers. We know the team will keep us updated on any further investigations at this seemingly very active site. 💀

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