Pennsylvania Creatures & Monsters

On Vampires
The origin of the myths may surprise you.

Flying Snake of the Allegheny River
This elusive flying snake made only one appearance - that we know of.

DeBUNKED! Raystown Ray™ - Really...?
Some folks say there's a monster in Huntingdon County's Raystown Lake. Others say it's been there for hundreds of years - yet the lake was only created in 1972. SyFy didn't find the creature. Have you seen it?

Small UFOs or Giant Lightning Bugs?
Residents of Crawford and Huntingdon Counties spotted strange floating lights, but no one could say for certain what they were. With bonus eye-witness account!

The Lake Erie Sea Serpent - Nearly 200 Years of Sightings
The first sighting of the serpent in Lake Erie came in 1817.

The Pennsylvania Hoop Snake
Harmless legend or ruthless predator?

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