Luckily for Chocolate Lovers, Hershey Missed the Boat

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W hen the Titanic sank on April 15, 1912 only a third of its 2,224 passengers survived. But there would have been even more casualties if circumstances hadn't prevented - at the very last minute - other men and women from sailing on the supposedly "unsinkable" ship.

Pennsylvania's famous candy maker Milton S. Hershey was one of the wealthy industrialists who booked passage on the Titanic, then failed to board. Although he wrote a check for a $300 deposit on his tickets, fortunately for him and his wife Kitty, pressing business dictated that he instead take a faster ship, the German luxury liner SS Amerika.

Even had the worst occurred, Hershey's legacy was already sealed. He'd created the Hershey's Milk Chocolate Bar in 1900, and the school for orphan boys (and today, girls) that still bears his name.

In one final ironic twist, the ship on which Mr. and Mrs. Hershey traveled was one of several that radioed the Titanic, warning the captain of the ice in his path. 💀

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