Hauntingly PENNSYLVANIA™ is THE source for collected lore on Pennsylvania's haunted houses, ghosts, UFOs, mysterious creatures and shocking true crime stories. Our content results from original research of both historical sources and modern day reports.

Hauntingly PENNSYLVANIA™ is also the place where some stories may be de-BUNKED!
PLEASE NOTE... reading these stories may spur an interest in visiting the locations discussed - many of which are on private property. Remember that trespassing is illegal. Even if the spirits are friendly - the property owners likely are NOT.
Where History and Hauntings Meet
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How did the myth of the vampire begin...? Our story might surprise you.

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Nine years before the Salem Witch Hysteria, Pennsylvania had its first and only witchcraft trial. Read about it here.

Reader Favorite: The Blue-Eyed Six -
One of Pennsylvania’s Most Famous Hauntings
Television producers and paranormal investigators from across the nation visit the scene of this grisly murder.
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    Includes EXCLUSIVE Family Interview!
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